Playboy The Beast is an independent recording artist born and raised in the Midwest. Currently residing in, and representing Colorado Springs, Colorado. Also known as “PTB”, this artist is the founder of Murder Musick Ent. LLC. an organization/movement he started in 2015, that assist’s in the development, marketing, and promotion of several other underground artists. PTB has been rapping since around the age 12, He spent the majority of his life in and out of lock up for committing various crimes, mostly violence related…, which is where he honed and developed his rap skills. Due to a life of crime, drugs, violence, incarceration etc. PTB never had the opportunity to actually record any of his music. Until 2011 when we would record his first song ever, and has been at it ever since. Playboy The Beast is a very unique artist, and takes great pride in his versatility. From gangster rap, to horror core, to intricate chopper flows, complex lyricism, punch lines, metaphors, to story telling, PTB excels in all areas. For booking/feature inquires contact PTB @