Playboy The Beast is an independent recording artist born and raised in the Midwest. Currently residing in, and representing Colorado Springs, Colorado. Also known as “PTB”, this artist is the founder of Murder Musick Ent. LLC. an organization/movement he started in 2015, that assist’s in the development, marketing, and promotion of several other underground artists. PTB has been rapping since around the age 12, He spent the majority of his life in and out of lock up for committing various crimes, mostly violence related…, which is where he honed and developed his rap skills. Due to a life of crime, drugs, violence, incarceration etc. PTB never had the opportunity to actually record any of his music. Until 2011 when we would record his first song ever, and has been at it ever since. Playboy The Beast is a very unique artist, and takes great pride in his versatility. From gangster rap, to horror core, to intricate chopper flows, complex lyricism, punch lines, metaphors, to story telling, PTB excels in all areas. For booking/feature inquires contact PTB @



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October 20th 1991 Joel Perez aka Emce Damage was born in Bridgeport Park City Hospital clinically pronounced dead, But managed to make it by his father delivering him. As a young boy he always had a very deep imagination which was considered to be something different from most. Music has always been in Damage's household. As years past he began going through ups and downs in his traumatic childhood. Such as seeing to much at an early age. His father had & played various instruments as well as being in a band, and his older brother was rapping at an early age as well, which were big influences on Damage when he was younger. growing up on artist such as Tupac and Biggie he was captivated and knew this is what he wanted to do. Recording his first song at only 8 yrs old, and by the age of 12 he was recording everyday. In 2013 he was added to the Murder Musick roster, where he brings his hybrid style of old school and new together. He has no fear of expression and speaking the truth through his music. All delivered with very diverse styles of lyricism and complex thinking. His songs are simply real life moments expressed through his music. For booking/feature inquires contact:


FamZ and the HooliganZ

Whats up yo! My name is FamZ (pronounced Fam but plural...not Fam Z or Famzee or Famez...FamZ....its a capital Z cause why the fuck not...)
I've been doing this a long time, but only started to take it seriously a few years ago. Within that time I've made a name for myself nationally and helped build the southern WV music scene into what it is today. Ive worked with majority of artists from Psychopathic Records, and others affiliated labels. I have songs with artists like Lil Wyte, JellyRoll, and Snug Brim (formerly of Strange Music). My music is very versatile I dont just stick to one style I like to keep it as fresh as possible and innovative that way I can have a little something for everyone. Im now joined by a band of HooliganZ who live for this music, so the posibilities are endless.




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Madd Maxxx


Formally Madd Maxxx. There are artists who come along every so often who don’t make any sense but click at the same time. Rappers come and go by the dozen in today’s age, with mp3’s and smartphones replacing CD’s and the Walkman things are much different than they used to be. And didn’t CD’s replace cassettes before that? But amidst the shifting sand that is the scene every so often you find somebody who can transcend the nonsense to just make great music. Maxxx is one of those.



With lyrical content in today’s rap music becoming more and more deficient, Maniphest DestNE is going to break the monotony of mainstream hip-hop by proving you can still appeal to the masses while actually saying something.

Maniphest DestNE intends to recreate the industry to accommodate his music without having to change who he is as an artist in order to succeed. He was quoted saying,

“My main goal, like every other aspiring artist, is to make the music I love and get paid to do it… When I’m off the stage, I’m just another face in the crowd; when I’m on stage, I have the power to move the crowd. I have the ability to bridge the gap between heartfelt and hardcore, along with young and old of any race.”


Murda D

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From the ice cold streets of Saint Paul Minnesota the Saint Paul Kings( Solo & Malo) are a duo of elite emcees with a unique sound, elite chopper flows, grimy street oriented lyrics and a flawless melodic delivery. SPK is a major force to be reckoned with in the underground scene.



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At a very young age Steelo developed the passion to write music from his life learned struggle's and it became a habit. He no longer then sooner started getting in trouble and doin bids in juvenile hall where he started freestyling with other kid's his age about their committed crime's and jail time.



T -REV(Austin Sweet) is an up and coming artist from Norfolk, VA. His Genre of music is Horror core, hip-hop, and rap. With a natural strength in delivery, he breaks the chain with timed puns and wordplay that make the mic sizz.

T -REVis getting ready to release his album called "Barz and delivery chapter 1" which you will be able to download on itunes And if you haven't peeped T -REV previous mixtape's or collabs you should get on that. The names are as followed: “I’m Comin In”, “Hip Hop Bullies”, “Hip Hop Intervention”, and “Hip Hops Dedication”

T -REV has a variety of skills besides working hard and commanding mics, he also mixes and masters his own tracks. His plan is much more than being an artist, He knows he can be an inspiration to others and wont stop till' he changes the face of the game. T -REV energy and delivery to his music are off the charts. If you need confirmation ask "EVO". So don’t forget T -REV releases of his mixtapes on “Pushing my limits to the Pivot”.

1st place winner The Jokerrs collab contest 1st place winner in caleb sarnikeys beat competition



Denver Artist Ztarve, "King of Dark Rap", was born and raised in the Ghetto side of Denver called Montebello. At age 21, apart of "Murder Musick" , Z is part owner and investor at Spirit Bottle Records. Ztarve is one of Denver's most influential and prominent rising stars.