Murder Musick Changes

So…, here is the official public announcement regarding the future of Playboy the Beast, and Murder Musick…., please take a moment to read/share. Much love,

Believe it or not…, I do got people.., or “haters” that.., hope/pray for my downfall…., and, i’m sure y’all niggas was hype af this last couple weeks.., thinking I was gonna throw in the towel and call it quits eh? lol Well, sorry to burst your bubble fuck boys.., but I been told y’all once, and I will say it 1,000 more times.., this rap shit is all I know. This rap/hip hop shit…, is in my blood, it is my sole purpose to be on this fucking earth. I have dedicated my entire life and existence to this, to become the best artist that I can possibly be. Everything that I have been through and overcame, has led me to this point in my life. This shit, is my destiny…, and my legacy. So, love it or hate it.., I’m in this shit for the long haul. I just had a lot on my plate the last couple of weeks, and had to make some very difficult decisions, in my personal life and career wise. And, I didn’t want any outside factors, drama, stress, etc. to influence these important decisions that I needed to make.

One of those decisions…, being issues within my own label and movement that I needed to resolve. And, after much discussion with some of my most loyal artists, and other people whose opinions and advice I value…, I came to the conclusion…, that in order for MM to thrive once again.., I needed to completely start over…, to remove all the current artists…, rebuild, and rebrand Murder Musick. So, as of right now.., the Murder Musick roster.., is, Playboy The Beast. That’s it. Now, over the next few weeks.., we will be rebuilding and announcing the new roster. And, this time the roster will remain a small, orderly, and organized unit. There is absolutely no love loss on my behalf. Those guys, are all my brothers, and always will be. Nobody was “dropped” it’s not like that, at all. All the artists, were leaders themselves and I am confident will continue to make moves on their own. I just had to do what is best for the continued growth of this movement. And, fact of the matter is we had too much “deadweight”. We were just too deep in numbers to stay properly organized and communicate, etc. Many reasons.., but bottom line, is that there is no going back now. Ive been patient the last several months hoping it wouldn’t come to this but, it did so.., it is what it is, and I had to make this difficult decision. PTB is still here, MM is still here and, we will rebuild bigger, and stronger than before!

So, big s/o to everybody still riding with me.., and with MM. Lot’s of big shit in the works.., back to business as usual!! The new roster will be announced over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!!

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